Ford Falcon XA GT-HO Phase 4

The Phase 4 story is the most celebrated story in GT-HO folklore.  In 1972 the new XA GT model had been released and a GT-HO model was needed to take over from the XY GT-HO on the race track. Three XAs were sent to Howard Marsden and his team at Ford Special Vehicles, Ford's internal race division. These were to become new factory race cars for Ford Australia.

The racing rules at that time dictated that 200 standard Phase 4s had to be produced before a race car could be eligible. Therefore all parts on the racing Phase 4 had to be fitted to the standard road going versions. Those rules were to be the death of these mighty machines. In mid-72 the media hit on a story of these 160 mph 'Super Cars' that were about to hit our streets. They gave the impression that these cars were going to be too dangerous for the general public to drive. This was the start of mass hysteria that eventually led to the government stepping in and demanding that all production cease of these road going race cars. The Phase 4 project was axed the cars ushered out the back door to selected owners in Australia. Four of these cars were built, one road car and three race cars (rally and race teams). 

A total of 2,759 XA GTs were sold, of which 1/3rd were two-door hard-tops. The XA GT was also available with Regular Production Option 83, essentially a Phase 4 in most respects except for the name!  After all, Ford Australia had to use all the parts for those 196 cars that were not built. 

The Phase 1 was released in 1969, the Phase 2 in 1970, and the Phase 3 was released in 1971.