The Million Dollar Phase 3

Do you have a spare million? This 1971 Ford XY Falcon GT-HO Phase 3 is owned by Paul Carthew, who also owns one of the three surviving XA GT-HO Phase 4 race cars (see link to video clips on the home page; his Phase 4 is the first video). Is this the best original unrestored Phase 3 in the world?

Off the showroom floor in 1971 it cost $5,159. Today it is a rare unrestored 1971 Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase 3. "It's a collector's item and I won't budge at $1 million,'' the Sydney car-lover, Paul Carthew, said. He's been collecting cars for almost 40 years, and bought the classic Aussie muscle car 19 years ago for $40,000. He said he was very picky at the time and spent three years searching for a one-owner, low mileage model. The car, which was even driven on a racetrack by racing legends Peter Brock and Colin Bond during a magazine shoot, now has just over 40,000 miles (68,000km) on the clock. "It's quite an amazing car. That's why they command this sort of money, they are the icon of Australian muscle,'' he said. Only 300 of the Falcon GT-HO Phase 3s were built in 1971 and fewer than 150 remain.
Source: Daily Telegraph (Sydney)
Friday 17th August 2007