The XA GT-HO Phase 4

These are videos of two Phase 4s still in existence today (both of them were built as race cars for Bathurst). The first was filmed in 2005, about 35 years after it was built, and the second in 1998, some 26 years after it was built. There are no known pictures or videos of the 3rd remaining Phase 4 (the only production car that made it off the production line).

The Falcon GT-HO Phase 4 is one of the rarest muscle cars ever built by Ford Australia. Only 4 were ever made and 3 are still in existence (one was written off in a rally in the mid-late 1970s).

Three were purpose built for production car racing and only one made it through the production line before the program was cancelled due to the "muscle car scare" in Australia (the first video opens with a a copy of the newspaper headlines). It is to Australia, what the Mustang Boss 429 is to the USA - The ultimate muscle car.

The second video features another one of the 3 remaining GT-HO Phases 4s. Its lucky owner at the time was an electrician living on the Gold Coast.